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MyApartmentHero Provides Benefits Beyond the Ordinary

Calabasas, CA - Apartment owners and managers are forever competing for who has the best property and amenities packages. Many offer pools, gyms, coffee bars, office facilities and much more. But what if they could offer programs for their tenants that go beyond the traditional amenities and provide something really meaningful?

Free Vital Documents Help People Stay Prepared For the Unknown

Santa Clarita resident Jeanette Alazzam was one of those people who, after talking with friends, made the decision that being prepared with a will and testament and medical directive was important during this time of uncertainty.

“Either somebody knew somebody that ended up in the hospital and didn’t have family with them, and felt not in control. So now this gave people a chance to say, 'You know what? This is a topic we need to talk about. This is something we need to address. We need to get it assessed. We need to do it now,'” Alazzam said.

Employee Benefits Site Utilizes a B2B Model

MyProtectionHero, in Calabasas, offers not only comparative rates on life, auto, and home insurance but also warranty products, pet insurance, telemedicine services and content such as articles, newsletters and live webinars on topics such as healthy living, exercise and financial well-being.

Protected Status

It took a tragedy during the "trip of a lifetime" for Hidden Hills Resident, Steve Weber, to consider his mortality and just how quickly life can take a drastic turn. One the second day of a group dirt bike tour through Baja California back in 2007, Weber was injured. Though seriously hurt, he continued on against his better judgement for the third and final day to reach their destination for a photo with his best friend Andrew at a stunning vista on the edge of the Pacific.


Enter MyEstateHero, an innovative new technology solution that’s a one-stop for many of life’s vital protection needs. MyEstateHero is completely free to everyone in the US to create a will, medical directive, power of attorney and pet guardian trust, no strings attached. They will never sell your information nor is the creation of an account necessary. Simply log in with your email to utilize the site and to make any future changes to your estate planning documents.

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